Coming Soon in October 20212020 & 2021 are rather a challenging year for Malaysia, especially a group of extraordinary front-liners who has given their everything to fight the pandemic. They are the heroes, the risk takers, the angels & the lives saviors during this hard time, but yet, they are most of the time, unseen.With the highest respect to all the front-liners in Malaysia, we have made this Special Edition to pay our heartiest tribute to all of them !Special Colour – Ice Light Blue & Ice Light Green representing their always clean and clear heart while performing their duties during the hardest time !Gold Hardware representing their scarification of time, families, health & minds to help others, if there is a stage to recognize them, definitely a Gold Medal !Pick-up – Single Slot Humbucker (Wilkinson Alnico V) representing front-liners mindset during this hard time, simple but yet very powerful & always beyond the expectation ! By giving a hand to them, this Malaysia Front-liners Special Edition is only open to individual that already received at least their 1st dose of vaccine.