6S Quality System


Safety is the most important element in our business. We practice a safety working environment to produce our products that are safe to mankind, environment as well as the earth that emphasized & enforced in Safety Policies


Sound is our forte. We innovate sound with sound innovation providing the best solutions to your music requirement.


All of the raw materials we selected to make our final products are carefully selected via studies & researches. Abiding our safety policies, raw materials that are harmful to both the mankind & environment will never be selected as part of our products.


Our products are produced & crafted by a very strict evaluation of vendors with their Quality Manual accredited & audited fully compliance to our Quality Management System.


Consistencies of quality is the major key of all Raku’s products. We ensure all instruments & devices produce the standardizes performance from the same model line. 


All of our products are tested & inspected by our in-house QA & QC inspector prior releasing for packaging. We care about the quality of our products and your satisfaction will always lead us to make our quality best.