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“Innovate Sound with Sound Innovation!”

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The Making

The Elegance & Royal Series are built in China to our exact specifications at a factory that maintains ethical and fair labor practices. Our Prestige Series come with premium specs and are handcrafted in Indonesia or Philippines by a small shop of trained luthiers. With luthiers having over 15-30 years of experience, these factory has been building guitars since 1987, and we chose to partner with them because their quality is top notch.



Our Custom Series guitars are built by 3 people within a custom shop in Malaysia. We are able to retain our high standards of quality and tone because we have partnered with factories that share the same mindset & vision.

High Quality

Our approach to guitar design is simple, we abide into traditional designs, but innovate in areas that pertain to comfort, tone, and construction. So in our designs you’ll see quality craftsmanship and higher quality components that you normally wouldn’t see on guitars in a similar price range.

“Delivering More with Less!”